Tortilla, Pizza and Dough

Maximize yields, reduce costs and waste.

Tortillas, Pizza and Dough Vision Inspection

Producers must ensure that their lines are both energy and labor efficient, as well as capable of producing high yields with minimal waste.  A Montrose inspection system can provide invaluable process data about your product’s visual characteristics, and at the same time reduce your labor requirements.

vision inspection of tortillas

Montrose vision and handling systems provide a complete inspection, individual fault rejection and handling solution created specifically for tortilla, pizza crust, pita, pancake, flatbread, topped pizza, and dough producers.  Receive comprehensive statistical analysis of variability while removing human involvement from inspection, rejection, counting, and grouping.

Montrose inspection software is easily configured to include your specifications and to continuously monitor for all product attributes and faults that are most important to you.  Systems are designed to fit off-line or in your production line, to suit your bakery environment, and exceed your hygiene requirements.

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